Professional Vehicle Tracking Package

More features, more comprehensive tracking

Professional Vehicle
Tracking Package

Looking for a more personal tracking and reporting solution regarding your car?

  • OBD Tracking Package is great for tracking the location of your car, viewing its trip history, getting OBD data and viewing reports of the driving behaviors of you and your loved ones.
  • OBD-II tracking solution which can easily be installed aboard a vehicle through its Plug-in and Play mechanism allows detailed data to be retrieved from the vehicle.

OBD-II Tracking Package

  • Treyki Auto OBD-II Tracking Device
  • Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management Software
  • Licensed Digital Maps
mt24_obd_tracking system

Treyki Auto OBD-II Tracking Device

  • Installed directly via the OBD Connector due to its compact design.
  • Easily operated with the Plug and Play system.
  • OBD-II supports J1850, K-Line, CAN ISO-15765 standards.
  • GSM, GPS antennas and receivers are combined in a single unit.
OBD Tracking

Arvento Web-based Application

Arvento‘s easy-to-use web based interface, can be accessed with a user name and password from any internet enabled PC through simple interface enables users to access their vehicle tracking and fleet management and monitoring system with digital maps hosted on the web server.

Arvento Desktop Application

Once installed on the user’s PC, Arvento desktop solution allows the download of digital maps for offline use. As only the data from the devices is received via the Internet, it operates fast and effectively even with low bandwidth internet connections.

Smartphone and Tablet Applications

Vehicles can be monitored in real-time on the digital maps with Arvento’s mobile applications specifically designed and compatible with Windows Phone, iPhone/iPad (iOS), Android, and Huawei based devices. Users can easily access reports, get notifications, alerts, and warning messages, and monitor vehicles through mobile applications.

Advanced Software Applications

Detailed World maps on your screen.

Digital maps, integrated into Arvento’s software and applications, are updated throughout the subscription period at no additional charge. Furthermore, users can customize digital maps by adding key locations, such as office locations, POIs and more.

A new generation vehicle tracking solution, offering advanced features of high location sensitivity and accuracy.

Real-Time Tracking Control System.