Container Tracking Package

Optimize your fleet with Container Tracking Package for safe and efficient operation management

Container Tracking
Optimize Your Fleet  

If you are in inter-city or international transportation business and looking for a solution for challenging road and working conditions?

  • Container Tracking Package is the best for you.  Get the Container Tracking Package,  meeting IP69 standards, compatible with all weather and environmental conditions with long-life battery for reliable and efficient operational management.
  • A solution that gives long-distance transport companies robust functionality with a specially developed device that offers protection against water, dust and other potential hazards

Standard Vehicle Tracking Package

  • imt.X55 Container Tracking Device
  • Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management Software
  • Licensed Digital Maps
imtx55_contanier tracking system

Arvento imt.X55

  • Unique durability and advanced technology
  • OLED Screen, Multi-Function Display.
    Magnetic mount system.
  • Magnetic Field Detector that senses tampering
  • 28.800 mAh LiPo battery with up to 4 years of battery life
  • The most advanced protection class in the world IP-69K STANDARD with 2G/4G options and Wireless sensor connection Bluetooth 5.0
  • Shock and impact resistant.Resistant to the most extreme weather conditions.Shock and impact resistant and Waterproof.
Container Tracking

Arvento Web-based Application

Arvento‘s easy-to-use web based interface, can be accessed with a user name and password from any internet enabled PC through simple interface enables users to access their vehicle tracking and fleet management and monitoring system with digital maps hosted on the web server.

Arvento Desktop Application

Once installed on the user’s PC, Arvento desktop solution allows the download of digital maps for offline use. As only the data from the devices is received via the Internet, it operates fast and effectively even with low bandwidth internet connections.

Smartphone and Tablet Applications

Vehicles can be monitored in real-time on the digital maps with Arvento’s mobile applications specifically designed and compatible with Windows Phone, iPhone/iPad (iOS), Android, and Huawei based devices. Users can easily access reports, get notifications, alerts, and warning messages, and monitor vehicles through mobile applications.

Advanced Software Applications

Detailed World maps on your screen.

Digital maps, integrated into Arvento’s software and applications, are updated throughout the subscription period at no additional charge. Furthermore, users can customize digital maps by adding key locations, such as office locations, POIs and more.

A new generation vehicle tracking solution, offering advanced features of high location sensitivity and accuracy.

Real-Time Tracking Control System.